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Get quick answers to the most common questions we receive from customers

How long does delivery take?
We offer same day shipping within Abuja for orders placed before 4pm and next day delivery for orders placed after 4pm. Outside Abuja, delivery takes 3-5 working days. Could be less but not more than 5 working days.
Can I choose the day I want my package delivered?
Yes you can. Please select your preferred date for delivery on your checkout page.
I need an item as part of my package but can’t find it on your website
Please click the contact tab for custom requests to request specific items or customised packages.
Can I change an item in a pre-curated box?
No you can’t. All pre-curated boxes are ready to ship and can’t be altered. You can however build your own box or request a custom order.
Do Custom orders come with a special charge?
Yes we charge a service charge in addition to the cost of the package for all custom orders.
How do I tell you the message I want written in my card?
You can include your message in your add a custom message under the card you selected.
How do I track my order?
An email will be sent with your order number to update you on the status of your order. You can also send us an email to find out the status of your order.
Can I pay with Transfer?
Yes you can. We have a secure payment channel upon checkout to enable you make payment via transfer.